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  • Build a Website Designed to Rank In Search
  • Enjoy a Responsive Design That Looks Great on All Devices
  • Create a Great User Experience
  • Get an Easy to Use User Interface
  • Build an Informative Resource
  • Have Complete Ownership of YOUR New Website
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Time to Build a NEW Website?

Whether you are just starting out, have been in business for years, or are looking to redesign and rebrand your current website to enhance your online presence, look no further than Lynx Digital Marketing! At Lynx, our team specializes in working with professional business website design, targeting your specific desired audience while speaking to the online “bots.” 

Anyone can design a website using a free website builder, but not all websites are created equally. A professional website design must have a specific setup with specifically created content that makes you the authority in your space. How do you organically get ahead in the search engine listings? How do you design a website to create authority and web presence? How can you have a beautiful website that keeps visitors interested?

Business owners are the top performers of the industry when it comes to their speciality, but when it comes to online marketing and website design for their online store or business, most owners need help. Lynx Digital Marketing can help you create a beautiful website design with a simple user experience, getting the attention of your target audience to sell your product or service professionally. If you want to get ahead of the competition, hiring a professional web design team is the place to start!

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Creating Professional Website Designs & Easy to Use Features

User experience is important, especially if you have an online store! Professional website design teams use SEO tools to design a website that a customer can navigate as easily as the search engine bots. We make sure the mobile and desktop features are equally easy to use. Content is written to promote your company and guide users to your homepage and your service pages, online store, and blogs, winning new customer after new customer! 

No one likes slow websites, and most will leave a website if the information they seek is not easy to find! Whether a new website or an update, our team will use website best practices to get your company above the competition! Our website design is targeted to convert visitors into new lifelong clients. At Lynx Digital Marketing, we have various digital solutions to meet any business need you may have!

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Mallory Becker
We have been using Lynx Digital Marketing in Edmonton for a while now and they are absolutely incredible. They have helped us take our business to the next level and are always there for our needs with our website, SEO and online ad campaigns. We highly recommend them for any business.
Maggi Pier
Highly recommended internet marketing service. They are knowledgeable and highly responsive. They know how to help businesses online.
Peter Mixon
We had a hunch that a lot of our older clients weren't showing up as they did before coronvirus, and wanted a way to show them just how much we've re-organised our premises to keep them safe. Hit upon these 360vrs, and jumped in with Lynx to get one done. The photography was done in no time. Makes our place look great! Early days, but really seems to be working. Can't think of a better way to show people our post-covid service!
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Creating Authority and Web Presence

It is the job of an excellent website design team to make you the authority in your given space. Domain authority is a score that ultimately connects with where your listing will fall in search engine result pages. A website with high authority will typically appear higher up in the result pages, making it much more likely that a client will find you by searching for your services or product online.

At Lynx Digital Marketing, we create a custom website design that will fit your brand and speak to the clients you are looking to find. With our team, the content on your pages will always be written to speak clearly to both the human readers and the bots. Our web design is creative and easy to use, providing a visitor with content, services, and pages that are informative and easy to navigate. It is our job to make visitors feel compelled to continue to look into your services or products.

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Organically Getting Ahead in Search Engine Listings

Professional web development is much more than simply getting your name and services online for visitors to find. When looking to stand out among the competition, it is important to understand that a website must speak to both a human reader and an online search engine “bot.” The average person may not need to understand what a bot is or how it works, but it is important for a business owner to fully realize the power of what the bots can do to promote an online store or company. 

A search engine bot scours the internet, looking for content that matches a search inquiry.When it finds content posted by businesses, such as blog posts and website content, it rates the information presented. The better your web design team did, the better your ranking will become in the search results, moving you up in the search engine listings presented to your potential clients.

Why Choose Lynx Digital Marketing?

In today’s world, websites are the lifeline of a business. To remain relevant and continually acquire new clients, your name has to rise above the competition. Professional website design is the path to increasing your listing in search engines, making your company more visible! The Lynx Digital Marketing team knows the ins and outs of how to design a website to:

  • Improve online presence 
  • Enhance user experience
  • Get your logo recognised and build brand awareness
  • Increase your authority
  • Make your services more visible to potential clients
  • Provide an easy to navigate homepage with an enhanced content management system
  • Move visitors to your online store and offered services

When you work with Lynx Digital Marketing, it’s important to understand that we are not simply filling in the blanks on generic website templates. Our web designers use SEO tools and high-level web designs to get the attention of potential customers and search engine web crawlers. Our company offers a variety of professional services to make sure your site looks great and loads beautifully! Our website designs are professional, organised, and easy to navigate, helping your company get noticed!

Professional Business Website Design should be left to the professionals. Lynx Digital Marketing can provide you with the layout, content, design, and landing pages to make the user experience high-level and memorable! Let our designers get your page on track!

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How can Lynx Digital Marketing Help?

At Lynx Digital Marketing we’re different. Our approach to marketing is built on a deep understanding of your business. Knowing the strengths of our clients ensures we choose the best strategies that will work for them. Our service is a tailor made premium client experience designed with your success in mind. At Lynx we don’t use contracts. Instead we earn the business of our clients month after month. This is done through communication, accountability and results.

Wish To Discuss Things Further?

Contact us at Lynx Digital Marketing today to schedule at time for us to talk. Once we have learned more about you and your goals we can then look into marketing options. Through either phone or email you will be put in touch with a member of our team that will happily answer your questions.