Google AdWords Campaign Management

Expertly targeting the audience that are most likely to convert to customers

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Facebook Ad Campaign Management

Effectively locating the audience base that will interact with your content and wants what you are selling

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Google My Business (GMB) Optimization

Getting your business to show up in the top three Google map locations

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At Lynx Digital Marketing we are all about giving our fellow small business owners an unfair advantage when it comes to marketing their online brand and generating leads.

The world has changed and people are no longer going to brick and mortar storefronts as frequently, nor are they flipping through the yellow pages, or watching ads on cable TV. They are all online because they have all the information and resources they could possibly need, all at their fingertips.

You as a small business owner are almost certainly awesome at what you do. You are the expert that people look to when it comes to needing a particular product or service. But that tech stuff? Ugh. So much information and jargon..where to start? Most small business either try to build themselves a website that never gets any real traffic or muddle their way through a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign, then throw their hands up and hire someone that may or may not do a good job. Or they end up relying on other means to generate limited leads and never realize their full potential.

The vast majority of companies that offer digital marketing have a reputation of over promising and under delivering. At Lynx Digital Marketing we focus on the customer. Like you, we are a small business as well, so we get it. If you aren't getting quality leads for your business and / or increasing your web presence, then we aren't doing our job. That's not us- we strive daily to surpass your expectation on all fronts. We have not only the expertise, but the resources to do it because we are tied into a global network of other digital marketing professionals that give us unfair advantages that we pass on to you, our clients.

Let us handle all the tech stuff so that you can focus your valuable time on your business. If you are looking to experience explosive growth with your business, that comes with a custom tailored, one on one strategy that will help you succeed, contact us today. You'll be glad you did.

Now offering 360 Virtual Tours on Google Street View for your Business!

Google Trusted Photography to drive leads to your business. Check out our 360 photography packages and give your customers a tour before they ever come to your location.