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Marketing Services for your World Online

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Website Design & Development

A great web site should look great and be easy to navigate. Your site should inform you customers about what you offer and how they can get it. Does your business need a website that can turn internet traffic into sales? At Lynx we can design and build a website for your business.

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Search Engine Optimization

Convert search traffic into sales with SEO strategies that get your website pages to the TOP of the search results. Target high volume search terms with strong buyer intent. An accountable SEO strategy from Lynx Digital Marketing can greatly increase how potential clientele discover your business online.

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Digital Marketing Consultation

Unsure if your internet marketing strategy is right for your business? Or do you do your own marketing online and you need some help? Consulting services from Lynx Digital Marketing provide a cost effective direction. Lynx can evaluate your current strategy or help provide a new one. Get insight into your online marketing.

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What is digital marketing and how can it work for YOUR business in Canada?

Digital marketing uses the internet to promote your business and attract
potential customers. Examples include social media marketing (SMM) ,
search engine optimization (SEO) , search engine marketing (SEM) , and more. These methods get your offer online and in front of potential customers.

People use the internet everyday to find the products and services they need. Customers are looking for businesses like yours. Using digital marketing your business will get discovered by the right audience. This is where matching buyer intent and the right offer creates business and sales. Contact the experts at Lynx Digital Marketing to learn more.

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Mallory Becker
We have been using Lynx Digital Marketing in Edmonton for a while now and they are absolutely incredible. They have helped us take our business to the next level and are always there for our needs with our website, SEO and online ad campaigns. We highly recommend them for any business.
Maggi Pier
Highly recommended internet marketing service. They are knowledgeable and highly responsive. They know how to help businesses online.
Peter Mixon
We had a hunch that a lot of our older clients weren't showing up as they did before coronvirus, and wanted a way to show them just how much we've re-organised our premises to keep them safe. Hit upon these 360vrs, and jumped in with Lynx to get one done. The photography was done in no time. Makes our place look great! Early days, but really seems to be working. Can't think of a better way to show people our post-covid service!
Client working on a mobile device online

What's the best way to promote Your Business Online?

The best way to promote your business online is through a partnership with a great marketing agency. Many businesses take on their own marketing themselves. Working with a marketing agency like Lynx saves time and money. Employing us as a member of your team means we bring our expertise and experience. All avenues of online marketing have a steep learning curve. If you’re new to internet marketing then we can help. 

Our approach at Lynx Digital Marketing is based on a deep understanding of what you do. We learn about your business and the customers that need to find you. Researching the best online spaces to target your potential clientele. Working within your budget we use our experience to create a marketing strategy to best suit you. This strategy is designed to achieve the goals of your business and provide a return on your investment.

Understanding your business is the key to a successful online marketing strategy.

The key to our success in digital marketing is understanding your business. Knowing how your industry works guides our marketing tactics. Lynx will research the best platforms to showcase what you offer. Exposure on the internet is all about visibility. Being seen by the right people. Marketing campaigns can fail if the audience is not understood. This misdirection wastes time and money. This is why we focus so much on learning your business. Digital Marketing is a great investment when executed the right way. Contact us at Lynx to learn more about how to promote your business online.

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Knowing your competition

After we learn about what your business does we then analyze your competition. The digital arena is competitive. Analysis of your competitors in your industry will identify how to best them. This research tells us the competitive positioning we need to align your goals with your budget. From this we can estimate the cost to compete on various marketing platforms and choose a direction accordingly. This information is how we design a marketing strategy to get the best return on investment for your business. Contact us at Lynx to learn more about how we can competitively position your business online.

Who can benefit from hiring a Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital Marketing is best for being discovered by NEW potential customers. This means that any business looking to grow their client base is well suited for online marketing.

Ideal for Start-Ups

New businesses just starting out have an uphill battle to face. Entering a newcomer into an already established industry is a challenge. Without an established client base startups have to promote their business in some way. The internet is an ideal vehicle for new companies to get discovered. Though marketing online new businesses can establish a foothold in their industry in which their future success can be built.

Ideal for Businesses who want to Grow and Expand

Because people go online to discover, it is ideal for being discovered. This makes the internet a perfect place for a business that has the interest and ability to grow. Back in 2019 70% of all people used the internet to find and research products and services. Now this number has grown to 97%. Almost all people will use some online method in deciding on a product or service. So what does this mean for a business like yours that has ambition to grow? It goes without saying that investing in some form of digital marketing is a necessity. Internet marketing is the best valued tool for your business’s growth. Contact us at Lynx Digital Marketing today to learn more.

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How can Lynx Digital Marketing Help?

At Lynx Digital Marketing we’re different. Our approach to marketing is built on a deep understanding of your business. Knowing the strengths of our clients ensures we choose the best strategies that will work for them. Our service is a tailor made premium client experience designed with your success in mind. At Lynx we don’t use contracts. Instead we earn the business of our clients month after month. This is done through communication, accountability and results.

Wish To Discuss Things Further?

Contact us at Lynx Digital Marketing today to schedule at time for us to talk. Once we have learned more about you and your goals we can then look into marketing options. Through either phone or email you will be put in touch with a member of our team that will happily answer your questions.