At Lynx Digital Marketing Inc. We strive to conform to the requirements of the Canadian Privacy Act as well as PIPEDA.

Client names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, usernames, passwords, intellectual property and login information is all considered private and sensitive.

Data and information is only collected for the internal use of Lynx Digital Marketing to complete work on behalf of our clients. Lynx does not disclose any private or sensitive information to anyone outside of Lynx Digital Marketing. Private info and data are never disclose or sold to third parties.

When you submit your private or sensitive information to Lynx Digital Marketing you give consent to allow Lynx Digital Marketing to store this information within our password protected and encrypted cloud server. To protect this private and sensitive information Lynx Digital Marketing only uses secure sockets layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) to protect data in transit between our business computers and the encrypted cloud storage servers where this data is kept. While at rest the private and sensitive data remains encrypted.

Also when providing Lynx Digital Marketing with private or sensitive information you additionally give consent for Lynx Digital Marketing to use any login information to access website(s) and online accounts to complete work on your behalf. With that said Lynx Digital Marketing will never use any private information you disclose to us to create personal online accounts in your name without written consent.

At Lynx Digital Marketing the security of your information is important to us and the privacy management practices are in place to protect our clients and their information.