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Lynx Digital Marketing Inc.

Lynx Digital Marketing is the brainchild of an Albertan couple, Stephen and Michelle, who saw a need for improving online presence in the local small to medium size business market.

Leveraging our technical background and small business acumen, we are highly skilled in using a variety of different techniques and tools to find people who are actively looking for a service and connect them with a local business who can provide it.

Why Lynx is Different

Lynx Digital Marketing isn’t your average SEO company. We are focused on building lasting business partnerships with business owners and will stop at nothing to exponentially increase their bottom line. If we aren’t bringing you customers and increasing your revenue, then we aren’t doing our job.

We believe in providing value upfront, based on your individual needs. Whether it’s a comprehensive website audit that shows you where you are missing certain ranking criteria, or coming up with a customized solution to rapidly getting customers in your door, we have you covered. The value doesn’t stop there either, we provide regular status reporting that aggregates key information and shows you data based progress which highlights the positive impact we are having on your business.

Lynx Digital Marketing is relentless in keeping up with the latest SEO and PPC techniques as well as search engine algorithm adjustments. We are connected with a global network of industry experts and are constantly updating our knowledge base.

Why The Name?

Why “Lynx” Digital Marketing? We chose Lynx primarily because of the Lynx Star Constellation, which connects the  Auriga and Ursa Major constellations. Connections are what we do and we like to be your secret weapon, the silent partner that gives you an unfair advantage over your competition. The fact that the constellation is in the Northern hemisphere and is also a Canadian wildcat is just icing on the cake.

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Meet The Team

Michelle Formstone

Owner & Digital Marketing Specialist

Obsessed with technology since the first time she used a computer, Michelle is the technical force behind Lynx Digital Marketing. With over 19 years in Information Technology, Michelle is passionate about data and systems. She is especially interested in strategy and how technology is increasingly interdependent with the business world. There are few things she considers more rewarding than seeing the work she puts in translate to business growth for her clients.

Stephen Formstone

Owner & Digital Marketing Specialist

With over 12 years experience working in small business, Stephen really understands the challenges small business owners face. He is sympathetic to the struggles business owners are up against as he’s experienced it firsthand. This is why he is driven to alleviate a lot of the financial stress that comes with operating a business, through helping you grow your customer base, business brand and of course, your profits. Stephen is also the creative mind in Lynx Digital Marketing with a talent for website design, photography, videography, ad copy and graphic design.


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How can Lynx Digital Marketing Help?

At Lynx Digital Marketing we’re different. Our approach to marketing is built on a deep understanding of your business. Knowing the strengths of our clients ensures we choose the best strategies that will work for them. Our service is a tailor made premium client experience designed with your success in mind. At Lynx we don’t use contracts. Instead we earn the business of our clients month after month. This is done through communication, accountability and results.

Wish To Discuss Things Further?

Contact us at Lynx Digital Marketing today to schedule at time for us to talk. Once we have learned more about you and your goals we can then look into marketing options. Through either phone or email you will be put in touch with a member of our team that will happily answer your questions.