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What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the practice of optimizing web pages so they rank well in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). SERP’s are the pages that searchers see when they use a search engine. With everyone using search engines to research products and services, SEO is NOW more important than ever.

Your business has a great website. But you miss out on many opportunities if it can’t be found in the search results. Your customers are searching for your business. Have they found you? Or do you need SEO?

In 2020 68% of all internet interactions began with the use of a search engine. And 53% of all search engine traffic goes to the web pages shown in the organic (un-paid) results.

The organic search results are the best way to get your site discovered. Because of this the value of this digital real estate is very high and why SEO is a competitive form of marketing.

If your business’s web site needs better visibility than contact the SEO experts at Lynx Digital Marketing.

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Who Can Benefit from Search Engine Optimization Marketing?

SEO is Great for New Businesses

Because people use search engines like Google to find NEW products and services, SEO is perfect for startups. Building a client base as a new business can be a challenge. Having your website found at the TOP of the search results helps grow that client base.  Because of SEO, new prospective customers can find your website. From this you can grow your customer base and grow your business along with it.

Great for Expansions

Has your business entered a new service area? SEO can break you into that new market. You can get discovered in new regions with your website in the top search result for that area. Search engines provide results based on the location of the searcher. Having your new location discovered in this way is great for gaining momentum in your new service area. Click Here to learn more about Local SEO.

Great for Business in Canada

According to a survey done by the Canadian Government in 2018:

  • “94% of Canadians had Internet access at home”
  • ” Nearly 84% of Internet users bought goods or services online in 2018″

The majority of Canadians use the internet to make buying decisions. If your business is not served in the top search engine results you’re missing out. Canadians are searching for your website. Is your site being found? Can your business benefit from search engine optimization? Contact Lynx to learn where your business is being shown in the search results.

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Mallory Becker
We have been using Lynx Digital Marketing in Edmonton for a while now and they are absolutely incredible. They have helped us take our business to the next level and are always there for our needs with our website, SEO and online ad campaigns. We highly recommend them for any business.
Maggi Pier
Highly recommended internet marketing service. They are knowledgeable and highly responsive. They know how to help businesses online.
Peter Mixon
We had a hunch that a lot of our older clients weren't showing up as they did before coronvirus, and wanted a way to show them just how much we've re-organised our premises to keep them safe. Hit upon these 360vrs, and jumped in with Lynx to get one done. The photography was done in no time. Makes our place look great! Early days, but really seems to be working. Can't think of a better way to show people our post-covid service!

Why Hire a SEO Agency?

Why Hire a SEO Agency?

You’re the best at what you do but this doesn’t ensure your place at the top of the search result. Hiring a great SEO agency gets your website to show at the top. Lynx specializes in search engine optimization for businesses. Our clients enjoy prosperity in employing our skills and experience to get results.

There is a disconnect between who the search engines think is the authority and who actually is. At Lynx our SEO marketing works to correct this. Our clients are the best at what they do and deserve the highest search visibility. At Lynx we do the work that tells Google and the other searches that YOU are the authority in YOUR market. We provide the right information to the search engine algorithms so they rank your site at the top. This way you will experience the best traffic from people searching for what you sell and do.

With top search engine results being so valuable, more and more businesses like yours are employing SEO to attract customers. Having a SEO agency like Lynx in your corner guarantees success.

Your success is our success. When you choose to hire us as your SEO agency we work toward your goals. Your business needs a presence at the top of the SERP and together we can get you there.

Contact the search engine optimization experts at Lynx Digital Marketing to learn more.

What Does SEO Cost?

SEO services can cost anywhere from $800 – $5000 per month. Why is this such a broad range? SEO Costs range depending on the work needed to get results:

  • How many search terms do you need to compete for?
  • How competitive are these search terms?
  • How large is your business’s service area?
  • How many pages are on your website?
  • How many different services will your SEO Campaign need?

Unlike some other forms of marketing, SEO campaigns can work within most budgets. But it is important to make sure your goals are achievable with the budget you have. Be careful with this. Only the best SEO companies will provide you realistic guidance.

It takes a good SEO agency to know if your budget and your goals align. Cost analysis can only be done with a deep understanding of your business and industry. When you speak with us at Lynx we want to know about your business. We can research the competition in your market and uncover opportunities in the SERP. Smart SEO is the best approach to getting you the greatest return on your investment. Contact us today to learn about investing in SEO Services for your business.

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Is SEO worth it?

For most businesses SEO Marketing is a great investment. Employing SEO in highly searched niches ensures a great opportunity to make sales. Though it doesn’t always make sense in every market. Good return on investment (ROI) from SEO is only as good as the traffic available. With that said the majority of all Canadians use the internet to research businesses.

According to Ahrefs 92.42% of keywords get ten monthly searches or fewer.  Leaving the majority of buyer intent based searches to see hundreds to thousands. If your business falls into the 7.58% minority then search engine optimization is most likely not for you. But for the majority, SEO is a necessity.

But how do you know the amount of average searches your business will see every month? At Lynx Digital Marketing, we can look that up for you. Booking a free consultation with us will provide you that data. Data we can use to determine your potential ROI when employing our SEO service. Call today to learn more

What Happens when you stop using SEO?

You have utilized search engine optimization and have successfully established a high result in the SERP. But now you wish to stop your SEO marketing. When you stop performing SEO you should retain the ranking that you gained. But this only happens if your SEO was done correctly and your competitors are NOT doing SEO. It’s usually because of what your competition does that causes the loss in rankings.If you stop and your competitors continue to build, they will surpass your authority and relevance in your niche. Lynx Digital Marketing offers a ramp down service to long term clients. Your budget is scaled back to no longer build but still maintain and monitor. When a slip in your SERP standing is observed, we inform you and create a course of action accordingly.

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What to Look for when recruiting the Best SEO Company?

No two SEO Services are the same. When looking for an agency to partner with, make sure they focus on your business and your goals. As we had stated earlier ” It takes a good SEO agency to know if your budget and your goals align”. SEO is not a one stop shop, the competition is different in every niche. The agency working for you shouldn’t simply burn the budget until it’s gone. A strategy needs to be made so YOUR dollars obtain something worthwhile.

Not all agencies but some put the same process in place for every one of their clients. You need to work with an SEO agency that tailor makes a plan to achieve your goals. If your goals are unattainable within your budget, your agency needs to be up front about this. Marketing should be an investment with a profitable return. Insufficient resources to beat out your competition can make it a loss. No one wins in this scenario. A good SEO agency should have the experience and knowledge to communicate this before you sign up.

Ask questions and get educated. The best SEO agencies will be transparent and will want to educate you. Communication is key.

Finally seek out a SEO company that is accountable. Do they provide reporting? Are those reports easy to understand or are they convoluted in technical jargon? Honesty and transparency are difficult to assess in business relationships. Looking for these things in your next SEO partnership will ensure the foundation for a long lasting relationship.

Lynx Digital Marketing is a proudly Canadian and family owned business. Our client focused approach to SEO has led to great relationships with our clients. At Lynx we rarely need to sell ourselves, our clients do that for us. This is why your success is our success. Contact Lynx today to learn more about our client focused approach to search engine optimization.

A SEO Company Should Offer Flexibility

Business and marketing are always changing. The marketing agency you choose to partner with needs to be able to pivot when your needs change. Adapting to your growth and always changing to match the needs of your business.

Lynx Digital Marketing prides itself on offering tailor made services to each client. The size and capacity of our agency allow us to adapt when you do. At Lynx we are always working toward your goals. Get in touch with us to learn more about our client focused SEO Service.

Lynx is Here to Help Businesses like yours

Interested in SEO? Let’s start by having a discussion to learn more about your business and your goals. You can contact Lynx Digital Marketing through Phone, Email or our Online Form.

Once we’ve learned more about what you do, we can then research your industry. Gathering data about people searching for businesses like yours. This will outline a direction which we can align with your budget and goals. Contact us today to learn about a SEO service from Lynx Digital Marketing.

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How can Lynx Digital Marketing Help?

At Lynx Digital Marketing we’re different. Our approach to marketing is built on a deep understanding of your business. Knowing the strengths of our clients ensures we choose the best strategies that will work for them. Our service is a tailor made premium client experience designed with your success in mind. At Lynx we don’t use contracts. Instead we earn the business of our clients month after month. This is done through communication, accountability and results.

Wish To Discuss Things Further?

Contact us at Lynx Digital Marketing today to schedule at time for us to talk. Once we have learned more about you and your goals we can then look into marketing options. Through either phone or email you will be put in touch with a member of our team that will happily answer your questions.